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An Tobar, Tobermory


Multi-award winning Iranian family drama


Restless for a better life and frustrated by her husband Nader’s unwillingness to emigrate from Iran, Simin is refused a divorce but the couple separate anyway; leaving Nader to cope with a senile father. To help care for the old man Nader hires Razieh, a pregnant woman whose husband is angst ridden due to mounting debts. Suspicions are rife, tragedies happen, lies are told and the two couples find themselves in court; an insightful depiction of the rigid Iranian legal system. Caught in the middle is 11 year old Termeh, torn between loyalties and truth, and ultimately the centre of this powerful and absorbing tale. Winner of several awards, including an Oscar and a Golden Globe, this socially conscious family drama with outstanding performances, is not to be missed.


“A Separation is a gripping experience..... thanks to the precision of Asghar Farhadi’s writing” LITTLE WHITE LIES

“a legal drama of absorbing complexity; the acting is terrific across the board” THE INDEPENDANT

“This powerful, complex Iranian drama centres on a conflict that cuts across boundaries of gender and class” THE GUARDIAN